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We have 20kg bags of BRIQUETTES - ideal for your enclosed burner and making your wood last longer!


We are pleased to announce we have in stock OHAI NUT GRADE domestic coal in 20kg bags.  $15.00 per bag.

Our domestic nut grade bagged coal is now available at the following outlets:
  • Temuka Seeds -  Sealy Street, Temuka
  • Challenge Tai Tapu  -  Main Akaroa Highway
  • Rakaia Mobil - Main Rod, Rakaia
  • Methven Hammer Hardware  -  Main Street, Methven
  • Various Farmlands stores South Island wide


Taylor Coal sources premium quality coal from West Coast coal mines, and also from Southland - so we have a wide range of options available to suit inpidual boiler needs.

Taylor Coal has a range of industrial customers from schools, to vegetable growers, to factories and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the right industrial coal for our client’s inpidual requirements.

Taylor Coal has a fleet of company owned delivery truck vehicles ranging in size from a 4 tonne capacity elevator-discharge vehicle, up to a 15 tonne coal capacity tipping truck. If you need more than 15 tonne at a time, we have various contacts within the transport industry who can deliver the coal to you.

Do you have a difficult hopper or auger fed coal reception area? No problem - we were the first company in the Canterbury area to use specialised, clean coal delivery elevator trucks, which provide an efficient delivery service. These two elevator trucks can carry from 4 tonne up to 10 tonne.

We are also very aware of the environmental concerns of using coal as an industrial fuel, and the Resource Consent commitments which are now required for coal fired boilers. All of our coals meet the stringent requirements of ECan - which will help you achieve your Resource Consent constraints.


Whether you have a domestic fire, coal burner, chippy, or household coal boiler, you can be assured that Taylor Coal have the best type of coal for you. Coal is available in pre-bagged 20kg bags (nut grade size Slow, Clean-Blend, or Fast), or loose on your trailer or ute.

Come in to our office and our staff will assist you with your coal purchase, and then help you load the bags into your vehicle. Or if you have a trailer or ute, just pull on to our weighbridge and come in to the office. After assessing your coal requirement your vehicle and trailer will be weighed, filled, and re-weighed, so you only pay for EXACTLY what you are receiving.

What coal is the right type for your fire? 

Enclosed Coal Burner/Multi Fuel: We recommend and sell Slow grade coal.
Coal Range or Open Fire: We recommend and sell our special mix called “Clean Blend.” This has a greater heat value than our ‘slow” coal and is the preferred choice of our coal customers.

Open Fires: We have the “Fast” coal for those that want the extra heat. This coal provides more heat from their open fire than the blend provides. We do not recommend that this coal be burnt in enclosed burners.
Clean-Blend is also very popular for an open fire, as it gives good initial ignition, but burns a bit slower than straight hot "fast" coal, and gives your fire a lovely base - great on its own, but also very popular with those open fire users burning wood with their coal.

Coal Boiler: We are able to supply a blend for coal boilers which is available in an industrial ‘Pea’ size in loose form. This grade is suitable for some enclosed burners, potbellies, and chippies also. Please call us or come in and see us so we can recommend the right blend for your model of boiler.

Wood Pellets

Taylor Coal is an agent for Natures Flame Wood Pellets. Call in today to pick up your 15kg bags.



We are pleased to now supply hardwood Charcoal Lumps.  These are "Restaurant Grade" and ideal for food cooking!   Perfect for use in your BBQ, brazier, and outdoor fire box.


“Humates- Energy in the Soil”

Humates are a good source of energy for beneficial soil organisms which influences both soil fertility and plant health. By applying humates to your pasture or crop you can increase fertiliser efficiency and reduce the need for nitrogen fertiliser.
Taylor Coal has this product available in two grades; a 250 Micro Fine Grade which is suitable for spraying, or a Ground Spread course grade.

Both of these products are available in bulk 500 kg bags.

Dolomite Micro Fine Lime

DOLOMITE – NZ’s Finest Magnesium Fertiliser
Dolomite is a Calcium Magnesium Carbonate occurring as a completely natural rock deposit. Golden Bay natural Magnesium Dolomite is typically made up of Calcium (59% Calcium Carbonate, 24% Elemental Calcium) and Magnesium (39% Magnesium Carbonate, 11.5% Elemental Magnesium).

Taylor Coal is one of the Canterbury Agents of Golden Bay Dolomite and is available to discuss your needs and provide expert advice on this beneficial product.

Fernbrae Lime Flour

The application of small amounts of finely ground lime flour can generate a spectacular pasture response resulting from the increased levels and activity of soil animals.

Taylor Coal has Fernbrae Lime Flour available in bulk 500 kg bags.


Taylor Coal Ltd has formed partnerships with forest managers to obtain recoverable wood waste produced annually from forests in the Canterbury region. This wood waste is blended with our premium West Coast coal into an eco-blend product to be delivered anywhere in Canterbury. We are able to “tailor” a product to suit your inpidual energy needs. For more information about this Eco-Blend or for a quote for your boiler please contact us.


Rare boulders of an unusual greenish-grey rock have been found in the glacial gravels of our West Coast operations. Originally discovered by miners we have transported the interesting unique shaped rock into our Rolleston yard for our customers to purchase to improve the look of your home or business. We offer the ability to source Natures Natural Landscape feature rocks to suit your needs.


Taylor Coal has a fully certified "double length'' weighbridge that is capable of weighing loads up to 60 tonnes. This weighbridge is available 24/7 for our large business account customers, and also available to the public for a small fee to weigh your boat, bus, campervan or trailer during our office hours.

Taylor Coal is also the company to see for the latest information on boilers, coal technology and additives used to optimise coal.

Office & Yard Location: 804 Jones Road, Rolleston, Christchurch
PO Box 86079, Rolleston West. Rolleston 7658