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Thank you to our valued clients who have contacted us about coal supply following the recent fires, and the devastation it has caused to the rail network – which appears to be “out of action” for some time due to the massive damage to rail bridges. 

Please be assured that we are not compromised at all in our ability to supply you with our product and service.

Our shareholders own large transport fleets and have maintained continuous transport of coal from the source mines.  If one alpine Pass is closed, then we are able to transport over the other one (Arthurs OR Lewis)

Our Rolleston yard (owned by our Company) holds a minimum of 10,000 tonne of coal at any time, and our dedicated staff ensure that you – our valued client – have no need for concern in regard to continuous coal supply at such times.

Coal Supply Security:

As you are aware, we at Taylor Coal draw coals  from a wide range of independent coal suppliers throughout the South Island.

Therefore the recent announcement regarding the future trading of Solid Energy and the ongoing security of their coal supply will not affect the ability of Taylor Coal to access coals.

Recent events within our industry has also highlighted the need for close relationships, communication, honesty and integrity to build mutual business opportunities.

In that respect Taylor Coal holds a unique position in the coal supply market as a purchaser and supplier of coals that are fit for purpose.


We are pleased to announce the services of Desmond Gong as a boiler efficiency consultant.  Desmond has carried out some “trouble shooting” for us and is well received by all those he works with, and is a welcome addition to our team.


Ash Disposal Options:

Taylor Coal is able to provide options to our valued clients for Ash Disposal from your site via our Rolleston depot.  Please contact us to discuss the best option for your site.


Wood Energy Options:

Taylor Coal currently stocks and delivers wood pellets sourced from Natures Flame, in bulk, bulk bags or 15 kg bags.

We have decided to extend our range of wood fuel options by accomodating a local hog fuel processor within our site so we have access to this alternative fuel. However we have found this product can be utilised for calf bedding, as a garden mulch / weed suppressant etc.

If you have the need for this product or wish to trial a wood / coal energy combination we are keen to look at what can be achieved.

Fire Wood:

Also along with the above we have been asked accomodate a “beech” fire wood supplier within our site. We will trial this product only at the beginning of next winter to see how it fits with our current energy management and delivery service. I am assured the wood is well dried (Nelson Sourced) and of good quality.

Coal Storage/Wet Coal:

We are very pleased to advise that we have completed our coal storage shed and additional "hoop" bins.

 Thank you all for your patience while we were in the construction phase, this new facility should minimise any issues caused by excessive rain and snow.

 Coal Bins:

We have also completed an upgraded yard design where all of our incoming coal is now received into concrete bins. We are very proud of this development and welcome you to call in if passing to see how we now manage the coals being presented to you.

 Fertliser Products:

We have increased the range of fertiliser products held to become a viable provider of this product. The stocking of this product also balances our winter and summer trading, while coal holds our focus during the colder winter months, the fertliser utlises our resources during the summer months. Should you have a large farming unit, life style block or garden for pleasure we have a range of naturally sourced mineral fertilisers we can blend up to suit individual requirements. We have a standard life style blend which can be delivered in bulk or picked up in a bulk bag.

We also still hold the base dolomite & lime products - also dispensed in bulk, bulk bags or 20kg bags.  Whatever tonnages or kgs you require of any of the above range of products we are keen talk to you.

Contact us for more information via our office telephone number

Carbon Credits:

The Carbon Credit (CC) price has increased significantly in the past few months since the Government announced that ONLY NZ Units would be able to be traded.  To that end, and due to the volatility and fluctuation of the price, Taylor Coal will be reviewing the CC charge per tonne of coal monthly.  This will ensure that our valued clients will be charged only at the current market value.

 ECan proposed Air Regional Plan (pCARP):

ECan officers are summarising the approximately 400 submissions received on the pCARP.  This summary is due to posted on the ECan web site on 28 August, with hearings set to commence on 27th October. We will prepare a further submission, in response to this summary.

Straterra (on behalf of the coal industry) is holding a meeting with some of the ECan people involved in the above. The points raised in the meeting will provide the basis for ongoing engagement with ECan, both in the formal RMA process, and at a strategic level, as appropriate.


We wish to thank you - our valued customer -  for being part of our business especially during the current environment.

Our philosophy is to seek the best of energy products available on the market, at a competitive price and present an energy specification to you that meets your boiler and environmental expectations.

 We appreciate your loyalty to our business over the past year as we have faced some dimensions that have stretched our imagination!!!

Taylor Coal plays an active role in the Rolleston Community.

We are proud to have supported the new fire tanker for the Rolleston Volunteer Firebrigade.

Office & Yard Location: 804 Jones Road, Rolleston, Christchurch
PO Box 86079, Rolleston West. Rolleston 7658