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Taylor Coal Our Story

Taylor Coal is a company that is constantly changing and developing.

The original company AW Taylor Industrial Coal was founded in 1936 and was the first coal merchant to offer blends of coal which it sourced from private coal mines on the West Coast.

In 2007 AW Taylor Industrial Coal was sold to a consortium of three successful transport companies; Ahaura Transport Ltd, T Croft Ltd and Sollys Transport Ltd and a independent person with a vast and successful background in mining - Glenys Perkins. Each of the four shareholders have long histories in the industry and have been able to combine their resources to provide an exceedingly strong supply of energy for Canterbury and the wider South Island.

In 2012 Taylor Coal Ltd is in the process of undergoing another change. Taylor Coal has recognised the need to become more than just a coal supplier to New Zealand and thus Tailored Energy Solution was born- your Innovative Energy Suppliers.

In 2014 the Taylor Coal shareholders saw the value of expanding the core business to accomodate an ever changing market.  To this end the company diversified its asset to include storage/wharehousing ability in the Rolleston area.

Office & Yard Location: 804 Jones Road, Rolleston, Christchurch
PO Box 86079, Rolleston West. Rolleston 7658